Bu yazıda Whitten/Bentley/Barlow’ın “System Analysis & Design Methods” adlı kitabından yararlanarak System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) hakkında kısa bilgiler vereceğiz. Kitabın özgün dilini (İngilizce) bozmadan, sistem geliştirmenin (diğer bir deyişle sistem analizinin) temel aşamalarını aşağıda sunuyoruz.


System analysis phase

1. Survey project scope and feasibility

2. Study current system

3. Define the end user’s requirement

4. Select a feasible solution (from candidate solutions)


System design phase

5. Design the new system

6. Acquire computer hardware and software


System implementation phase

7. Construct the new system

8. Deliver the new system


System support phase

9. Maintain and improve the system


Survey and study phase tasks

Learn how current system operates

Analyze problems, limitations and constraints

Brainstorm preliminary solutions

Update scope and feasibility

Present findings


Definition phase tasks

Define systems objectives and priorities

Outline requirements for new system

Define detailed requirements for new system


Selection phase tasks

Specify alternative solutions

Analyze feasibility of alternetive solutions

Prepare design and implementation schedule

Sell the system


Acquisition phase tasks

Research technical criteria and options

Solicit proposals/quotes from vendors

Validate vendor claims and performance

Evaluate and rank vendor proposals

Award contract and debrief losing vendor


Design phase tasks

Review program structures

Design top modules

Code and test top modules

Design lower modules

Code and test lower modules

Program test

System test



Physical design phase tasks

Design computer files and/or databases

Design computer outputs

Design computer inputs

Design terminal dialogues

Design methods and procedures

Design computer program specifications

Present and review the design


Construction phase tasks

Install hardware and software (site preparation, install and test)

Plan for programming

Build test data, test files, and databases

Write and test computer programs

Install applications software

Modify applications software


Delivery phase tasks

Install files and databases

Train end user to use the new system

Convert to the new system

Postimplementation review (immediate review-delayed review)



Derleyen:  Memet Özkan


Yararlanılan kaynak:  System Analysis & Design Methods, Whitten/Bentley/Barlow, Second Edition, Irwin, 1989